Domain Name Availability Check

Domain name availability – So you had completed your domain name search and had came up with a list of keywords to come up with a great domain name for your site. The nest step is of course the actual process of domain name registration. Before you can get to that though, you’ll have to check if the domain name you had in mind is still actually available for registration.  So how do you actually go about doing such a thing? Well it’s not really as complicated as it may sound and here are a couple of easy means that you can take to get it done.

Domain name availability

How to check for domain name availability

Now the easiest way to check for domain name availability is to actually take advantage of the features being offered by domain registration services. Cheaper Domain Names for instance has a tool that users could use for domain name search as well as to check for domain name availability. It’s as simple as typing in your desired keywords for your domain name on the domain name search bar, selecting your chosen domain type and clicking on the search button. The system will then tell you if your chosen keywords are available for domain name registration and present you with various domain name suggestions to consider. Other service also offer website domain name generator if you’re having trouble coming up with possible keywords that you can use for your internet marketing business.

The task of checking for domain name availability

Aside from the method mentioned above it is also possible to check for domain name availability even without the help of these tools. One way is to simply type in the domain name or the complete site address that you had in mind on the address bar of your web browser and checking out the results; if it returns an error saying that it cannot resolve the domain name it would mean that the specific domain is currently unregistered. If the error says that it cannot find the server it would imply that the domain name is registered but isn’t actually hosted yet. The results may also give you a generic page holder indicating that the domain was registered by a speculator and that you might be able to register the domain name about five days later.