With so many choices of websites these days which one do you choose. Some people choose the free option when getting a website but they don’t realise it is actually costing them money in lost sales either because of the quality or the fact that they don’t get any traffic to it because it isn’t set up for SEO.

This can amount to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases in lost sales and if they only set up their site correctly in the first place they would have been okay.Web Site Designer

So what makes a good website?
A website needs to be built in a search engine friendly platform and currently the best platform is wordpress. It is very flexible and easy to use even as a beginner you can update your own pages with images, videos, text and anything else you might want to display on your site.

Your wordpress site needs to be built on it’s own hosting for maximum SEO benefit and also other hidden benefits like unlimited emails and support. Plus there are thousands of free extra addons that you can install, even as a beginner to make your site function differently or look unique including social media promotions and design layout.

The place we use for our designs is they have custom wordpress website packages ranging from $495 to a full optimised site with shopping cart for $2,200. In all our dealings with them they have been professional and always on time.

This website is built with wordpress.