Email Marketing

Email Marketing has become a fundamental part of both online and offline businesses and if you have ever heard the saying “the money is in the list” then the person saying it was probably right. You see if you have a database of clients when time get tough, like we have seen recently with the global down turn, you don’t nee to rely on outside advertising as much, because you have a list of people that costs basically zero to get your services in front of.

We do not advocate spam at all and if you do use email marketing to promote your business make sure you find out the do’s and don’ts before blasting out to people.

The email marketing software we use and recommend to all our clients is Aweber, it complies with all spam acts and has built in functions to make it easy for you to use and comply with spam policies.

You can have as many different lists of people for as many different websites as you like. It also includes smart tracking software so you can see how many open you emails and click any links inside the emails.

They have a $1 trial so you can have a look without breaking the bank.