Video Marketing

In a recent interview Video Marketing expert Steve Brossman and founder of shared;

“Video Marketing is the new kid on the block and if you aren’t using video you are going to be left behind. In a recent study International Giant Cisco predicted that all Internet traffic will quadruple by the year 2014 (just over 3 years away) and most of it will come from videos.

These days more than 70% of all people will search online before deciding on a purchase and you have between 7-10 seconds to get someones attention and video is up to 8 times better at doing this if done right, because 80% of people will watch a video on a website and of these 52% will take some sort of action whether it be op tin to a form, buy something or make a phone call to your business.

Video marketing is just starting to take off in Australia and that is why the people implementing it now have an advatage over the competition will do so for a about the next one and a half years.”

The classic examples but not limited too are; lawyers or accountants using videos to greet people to their website. Why does this work? Because it is out of the ordinary and new, not many people have seen a lawyer or accountant with a video on their site before. You can even use video in emails. How many emails have you got with a personal video for you in it?

This is why we thought we would share the power of Video Marketing with you.