Start With a Good Domain Name

Your domain name should be memorable, SEO friendly and not too long. A lot of people make a mistake when registering a domain name and don’t do their research properly. you can get access to our private how to buy a domain name videos by entering your details to the right. Don’t worry we don’t spam people or send you usless rubbish that you don’t need and you can always opt out if on the rare occasion we do happen to email you.

Keyword Research

Before you start sending traffic to your website you need to find out what are the best searched terms for your website. Most people just make randome words up and think they will do fine, NO NO NO! You must research, the whole internet is driven by keywords and there is over 9 million searches every day just in Australia and this is why you need to find the keywords with the most amount of traffic and least amount of competition.

Make Your Website Personable

When you are deciding on how you want your website make sure you add an element of personal touch to it. It has been proven time and time again that the more connection with a website people have the longer they will stay and by using nice pictures of people on your site you will engauge them more.

Email Marketing is a Must!

They say “the money is in the list” and if you aren’t building a list then you are in trouble, because it is one of the biggest assests a business can build these days. Make sure you get good email software that has flexablity and complies with the spam act.

Always be Split Testing

While split testing might be a more medium to advance strategy for website owners everyone should be continually split testing to get the best results. You can split test everything, images, headings, text, colours and more.  To lean more see Conversion Chicken.

Video Marketing is Hot

Video marketing is a relativley new concept and helps your business stand out from the rest. Videos on websites convert an average of 8 times better than standard text, so if you are using video you will be ahead in your industry by mile.

Professional Logos for Penuts

Every business needs a logo and a logo that looks good! A lot of companies charge from $300 – $5,000 just for a professional logo. But don’t pay it, there is a company called logonerds that will create a professional logo for you within a few days and their prices start at $27.

Always Track Your Website Visitors

Google analytics is the most comprehensive visitor tracking software available and best of it’s free! You can set it up yourself and put it in your wordpress website easily. This will enable you to see where visitors are coming from, how long they spend on each page, where they are located and even which keywords people are coming to your site through.